Providing bespoke guided tours in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxemburg

Certified professional guides promoting Europe's cultural heritage

for business clients, corporate travel, travel agents and private clientele

Geotours is available for lectures on a diverse selection of topics.

Our guest speakers have trained and specialized in a number of fields.

Bespoke lectures for schools, foundations and organizations can be booked.

Lectures are normally 1-2 hours that are illustrated with a power point.

An array of different subjects can be chosen.

Some examples are listed below:

- Warfare at Sea during World War I: WWI is typically thought of as a trench war, but here a different aspect of WWI is focussed upon.

- 1477: The year 1477 was a turning point in European history. It greatly influenced the fate of the Low Countries.

- A History of Wind and Watermills: a brief cultural history of pre-industrial machines

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