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Discovering places on your own is fun ... but you will miss out on all the essentials.

With your own private tour guide you will discover much more than what is casually mentioned in guidebooks or brochures.

Our private guides take you off the beaten paths through Europe and let you sample the cultural heritage that is all around.

Belgium, and as part of it, Flanders, has always been at the crossroads of Europe. This left its marks on the country in very diverse ways…

In eight centuries, the country has known no less than 50 wars, with devastating results. Strangely enough, culture and industry constantly flourished, leaving us with a beautiful heritage which our guides will be proud to let you experience.

“When touring with my private guests I makes sure that they see, experience and learn about things that the ordinary “tourist” normally don’t see and misses out on, adapting each individual tour to the individual wishes of the Guests.”

Explore more than just the medieval city centres of Bruges and Ghent. Experience their world heritage in full.

There are ample surprises in the port town of Antwerp with its beautiful cathedral and rich merchant history.

Discover unexpected cultural pearls in Brussels, not just its famous Grand Place and Manneken Pis.

Visit the magnificent university city of Louvain with a university alumnus or Flanders Fields and its monuments erected to commemorate the fallen soldiers of World War I.

See where the Battle of the Bulge was fought with one of our battlefield experts.

Whatever your interest, be it historical, cultural, architectural or ... culinary our guides will show you the beautiful and historical surroundings  and tell you all about the rich context. Make the most of your holiday by choosing Geotours.  

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G. Depoorter, private guide Geotours